About Us

Jessica and Joelle are just two best friends living out their dream of owning an online boutique...but the dream consists of so much more than "just" an online boutique.

We all know the saying "go big or go home." Well, that's our motto. We have created a space that allows you to shop not only by individual pieces, but by what we call "CapSouls." Each one is kind of like a mini-capsule wardrobe but if you know us, you know we had to add some "soul" into our version.

Our goal is to help women by creating CapSouls that make it easy for you to get ready each day. No more "ugh, I have nothing to wear" or "I hate everything in my closet." We've got you, ladies! 

Each of our CapSouls consists of 5-7 pieces that mix and match to create anywhere from 7-12 outfits. When googling "capsule wardrobe," we would always see the most plain pieces put together, so we decided to create something so much more fun for you! Each CapSoul has color, pattern, and personality to capture your style.

Please reach out to us via email at capsoulclosetboutique@gmail.com with any questions about product, sizing, or help building your own personal CapSoul. We can't wait to hear from you!